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Why kickass? The dictionary defines kickass as strikingly or overwhelmingly tough, aggressive, powerful, or effective. And that's how I like to develop. I am very passionate, and motivated. Those 2 words are a reflection of me and my work progress. Every work related to designing and developing is handled with perfection, motivation and passion.


It had me at "Hello World". My love for front-end development continues to grow with each project. Staying up to date with the latest front-end tips and tricks is a must for me. And that keeps me motivated! I find it important to work consistent and clean. Sass is my sidekick who helps me follow my standards.


I love the developer in me that awakens when sublime opens. When a stack overflow colleague ask for help, or when I can help other people solve die hard code! PHP is my buddy, whom I miss when I haven't used him for a while! I want to be the best in everything, but we all know that that isn't realistic, so I stick to PHP and some other languages.

What do I do?

Responsive Design

It is very important to make our website responsive. Nowadays, more and more people look up their website through their mobile phone. That's why your website need to be perfect for every

Brand Design

Do you need a new logo, infographic or template? Does your current design need a new and fresh look? Well, that's one of my specialties and one of the things that I love doing most.


You have to make websites with a secret ingredient these days, love! And I can guarantee I do that. I can make sure that your website blends in with your style and your companys mission statement.


As a true kickass developer, this is my thing. Back-end developing is what I like to do most. I can make a variety of apps, especially in PHP. What kickass developer wouldn't use PHP?

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Do you have something to say about me? Something good obviously. Then you can contact me and I will put you and your portfolio on my website. WIN - WIN of course


Mechelen Morgen van een kickass developer

Mechelen Morgen


Mechelen Morgen van een kickass developer

Mechelen Kinderstad


Revise van een kickass developer


Laravel Application

Vogue van een kickass developer

Vogue infograpfic

Graphic Design

Swipr van een kickass developer


Mobile Application

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Mobile App

Passion, Motivation, Perfection

Those 3 words are a reflection of me and my work progress. Every work related to designing and developing is handled with perfection, motivation and passion. I can't imagine another hobby/job that I will love as much as this. When did my passion become so big? Well, the first app I developed, was at that time a big pain in the ass. A weather app. I struggled and I struggled. But from that moment on, I knew that hard work is the key to success. And that's why I am eager to learn and become a Kickass front-end developer!

Who am I?

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Barrera Riano Sara

Kickass front-end developer

Hi, My name is Sara. Your kickass front-end developer to the rescue. I live in Belgium and I am studying Interactive Multimedia Design. I am a developer chick at heart, preferring code over design. Though I am still a young developer & designer I can guarantee you my work wil be of high quality, I am professional and very passionate. It all started with my love for computers and games. Now that love has expanded. Designing and especially coding has become more than a passion for me. It is my lifestyle.

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